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Quick Transactions

This tab enables you to capture single transactions quickly and easily.  For capturing batches of transactions (e.g. a medical aid remittance advice ) you should rather use Other Transactions .  However, after a patient's appointment you may want to capture a cash payment quickly (for example) before printing the patient's statement.  Quick Transactions makes this easy.

Use this account selector  to specify the account onto which you want to add a transaction.  Note that once you select an account Panacea will display the current balance and ageing  just below the Quick Transaction tab.  If the account has settlement terms  available then Panacea will display the settlement terms below the current balance.

Specify the transaction type, e.g. Payment by person (cash).  Note that if you want to capture a Hand over recovered or Bad debt recovered read the discussion at the bottom of this page.

Person / Company
You can specify the person  or company  that is responsible for the transaction, for example you can specify the person who made a payment.  Press the down arrow for suggestions.

Panacea will automatically suggest a description but you can change it if you prefer.

The date on which the transaction occurred.

The financial period  to which the transaction belongs.  Panacea will set this according to the Date, but you can change it if you like.

This can be anything you choose, for example you could enter the receipt number in the case of a cash book payment.

If you wish to give a discount enter the amount here.  Note that this field is only available when the transaction Type is a credit (e.g. a payment).

The transaction amount.

Once you have entered the above fields click Done.  If you captured a credit Panacea will require you to allocate the transaction.  Click here  for more details.

Bad debts recovered and Hand overs recovered

If you receive a payment on an account where the balance had previously been written off it is necessary to first reinstate the debt before capturing the payment, otherwise the account will go into credit and it will appear as if you owe the patient money.  Once you have reinstated the debt you must capture the payment and allocate it against the transaction which reinstated the debt.  Sound complicated?

To remove the complication of bad debts recovered and hand overs recovered Panacea will handle this automatically when you use the Quick Transactions tab.  When you select an account Panacea will detect if the account has a Bad debt written off or Account handed over transaction in it's history.  Then, if you select a transaction Type that is a credit Panacea will display a checkbox  entitled This is a Bad Debt Recovered or This is a Hand Over Recovered.  If you check this checkbox  Panacea will handle the rest for you.

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