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Version History
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Thank you for choosing Panacea as the solution to your practice management and administration needs.  Panacea has been around a long time - since 1990 - so rest assured that you have chosen a product with a proven track record.  This latest version of Panacea represents the cutting edge of software technology.

This is Panacea's online user guide.  We chose to publish the user guide online for two main reasons:

  • Environmentally friendly - by avoiding a printed user guide or CD we have saved trees and avoided the use of unfriendly materials such as plastics, lacquers and dyes.
  • It's live - we can update it on an ongoing basis in response to user feedback.

If you are not familiar with basic website browsing techniques, please click here  for a primer.

Panacea will always be "work in progress".  After 27 years in the business we still learn something everyday.  We like to encourage our clients to provide us with constructive feedback, so feel free to contact Datamax if you have any suggestions.

We are also tough enough to take one on the chin, so if you have a criticism you can call us too.  But if you have something nice to say don't tell us - tell your colleagues!

Datamax provides support and advice for Panacea during normal office hours.  We also have an after hours emergency number.  Click Help-Support for all our contact details.

Good luck and all the best from the Datamax team.

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