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ICD Shortcuts

ICD Codes  are required on all medical aid claims.  There are tens of thousands of ICD codes, so it can become quite a bother to find the correct one.  Panacea's ICD shortcuts solve this problem by providing a way to save the most commonly used ICD codes.  ICD shortcuts are not linked in any way to a specific person or case.

Here is an example of an ICD shortcut:

An ICD shortcut only consists of a description and one or more ICD codes.  The Description is only used internally in Panacea, so you can enter it however you like.  An ICD shortcut can consist of more than one ICD code, so Panacea displays them in a grid.

When you click this Panacea will add a row to the table of ICD codes.  You can then type the new ICD code directly into the table cell.
Click this button to remove the currently highlighted ICD code.
Click this button to open Panacea's ICD Browser .
ICD website Click this and Panacea will take you to the WHO website to search for the correct code.
This will move the currently highlighted ICD code up in the list.
This will move the currently highlighted ICD code down in the list.


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