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Daily Invoice Totals Report

This report shows a matrix  of values representing the total invoiced amount for each Treating Practitioner per day.  It gives a convenient overview of the chosen date period and can be used to calculate commissions or reconcile against other reports that were printed each day (e.g. the Invoice Details report ).

You will need to specify the following before generating the report:

  • Use the Date range / Period range selector  to specify what invoice dates should be included.
  • You will need to select at least one Treating Practitioner to be included.  Use the Select All and Unselect All buttons to select or unselect all Treating Practitioners.
  • Click Go to generate the report.

Click here  for general information on working with reports.

The report will display a column for each Treating Practitioner.  A row will be displayed for each invoice date.  The values displayed will be the total invoiced amount for each Treating Practitioner for that day.  Note that separate columns show the VAT exclusive and Vat inclusive amounts.  Totals are shown for each Treating Practitioner and each date.


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