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Pricelist Defaults

When capturing an invoice  Panacea will need to determine which pricelists  to use for the codes  being charged.  Note that there are separate pricelists  for tariff codes and NAPPI codes.

  • Panacea will first look at the patient's account.  The pricelists are set on the Settings tab .
  • If the Pricelist field on the account is set to Default then Panacea will look at the funder  (if set).  The funder's  pricelist will be configured on the Billing Settings tab .
  • If the Pricelist field on the funder is set to Default - or no funder is specified for the account - then Panacea will use the defaults set on the Pricelists tab  of Practice Setup  (System - Practice Settings - Practice Setup).

The actual pricelists  are maintained under Tables - Codes - Pricelists.

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