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Referrals Report

This report lists patients that have been referred to your practice during a specified date period.  This can be useful in identifying the doctors that are supporting your practice.  It can also be useful when following up on cases and reporting back to the referring doctors.

Use the From and to DatePickers  at the top of the report to specify the date period then click Go.  The report will look like this:

Patients are grouped together based on the person who referred them.  Note that referred patients are identified by the referral information  provided on the patient's case .

The columns in the report are as follows:

  • The Date column is the Referral Date on the patient's case .
  • The Person # column is the patient's person number .
  • The Patient, Birth Date and Age columns are taken from the patient's record .
  • The Case column is the taken from the patient's case .
The Referrals Report also provides a document map  showing the names of people who referred patients in the report.  Click on a name in the document map  and Panacea will take you directly to that person in the report.
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