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Person Selector

The Person Selector is a PowerComboBox  which is used for finding a person.  For example, on the People tab  the Person Selector at the top is used to find a person before you can view or edit that person.  Person Selectors are used in many places in Panacea, so you should be familiar with how they work.

You can type the person's last name into the PowerComboBox  then press enter.  Panacea will then open the drop down and search for the data you entered.  The following example shows how the patient's last name (Smith) has been typed into the PowerComboBox .  After the user pressed Enter Panacea shows all accounts that match Smith.

Instead of typing Smith into the PowerComboBox  you can also just click the  button then enter your search criteria into the drop down window.  The following search options can be selected using the radio buttons:

  • Last name - Panacea will search on the person's last name and first name (if given).
  • Person No / ID No. - Panacea will search on the person's unique Person number  or their ID number.

Only show doctors
If this checkbox  is checked Panacea will restrict the search to people who have been configured as doctors on their Medic tab .

Search button
Click this button when you are ready to perform the search.

Sound button
Click this button instead of the Search button to perform a soundex  search.  A soundex search attempts to match names based on how they sound.  It is a more "relaxed" search and should match names even if they are not spelled correctly.

Clear button
Click this button to remove the search criteria (and search results) in preparation for a new search.

Note that once you have searched for (and found) people you can change the order in which they are displayed.  Click on one of the column headers (e.g. Person's name etc) and Panacea will order the people based on that column.

If you click on a person in the drop down window Panacea will select that person and close the drop down window.

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