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Note: Hyperspace is only available from Panacea version 7.2 onwards.

Hyperspace is a technology - unique to Panacea - that enables you to set up terminals that can access your database remotely.  These terminals can be located on your own network (wired LAN or wifi) or they can be located anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection.

Connections made using Hyperspace have the following advantages over traditional connections:

  • Security - Hyperspace uses Rijndael encryption, making it impossible for anybody to intercept and read the content of the connection.  This means you can access your server safely even if you are connected to public wifi (e.g. coffee shop).  Rijndael (symmetric) encryption is exponentially more secure than asymmetric encryption which is used for secure websites such as banking.
  • Compression - Data passing between your server and terminal is compressed to speed up transmission.  It also reduces your internet data usage which is important if you have a "capped" internet connection.
  • Network Discovery - No technical knowledge is needed to set up a terminal.  Hyperspace is able to link your terminal and server automatically with only a PIN and password.  Previously you would have to configure your server with a fixed IP address, then configure terminals accordingly.
  • Remote access - Hyperspace can find and connect to your server from anywhere on the internet, as long as both the server and the terminal have internet access.  To achieve this previously required a VPN and involved a lot of complicated configuration (e.g. firewalls, dynamic DNS etc).
  • Connection Management - Hyperspace monitors your connection to the server and reconnects if the connection is lost.  Panacea is aware of the connection status, so it avoids trying to use the connection while it is down.

In order to use Hyperspace you need to set up the following:

  • Hyperspace server - This must be installed on the computer that hosts your database (i.e. where MySQL is installed).  If you did not install Hyperspace server when you originally installed Panacea you can install it now by selecting System - Hyperspace - Install Hyperspace server from the Panacea menu.  Once Hyperspace server is installed you will notice that the following options on Panacea's System - Hyperspace menu become available:
    • Server status  - this displays users that are currently connected to the Hyperspace server, as well as a few statistics (e.g. buffer usage).  Click here  for more info.
    • Clients  - this allows you to maintain Hyperspace clients that can connect remotely to your database.  Click here  for more info.
    • Server settings  - this allows you to configure various Hyperspace server settings.  It is not recommended that you change any settings, unless advised to do so by Datamax.  Click here  for more info.
  • Hyperspace client - The Hyperspace client is built into Panacea itself.  Fore more info on setting up a terminal that uses Hyperspace click here .
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