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Manage Users

In Panacea a User is a person  who has access to Panacea.  You are able to assign privileges to each user which determine which Panacea functionality is available to them.  Following is a typical User:

Note that only the Password field is available when editing the SuperUser .  Otherwise the following fields are available:

People table
Usually a Person Selector  will only find people  from the current practice, but Users can have access to more than one practice.  For this reason you first need to choose which People table  the person exists on.

This Person Selector  allows you to select the person you are setting up as a User.  As mentioned above the Person Selector  will only find people  from the People table  configured in the People table field.

This field allows you to describe the user you are setting up, e.g. "Receptionist".  It also makes it possible to have the same person  set up more than once as a user.  Panacea will allow the same person to be set up as a User more than once as long as the Description fields are different.

This will be used in Panacea's log on window to verify your identity.  If security is a concern please make sure that you choose passwords that are not easy to guess.  It is recommended that you use a mixture of upper and lower case letters as well as numbers, e.g. "Pluto56".

Show password
This checkbox  allows you to show or hide the Password field.

Privileges assigned to this user

This treeview  allows you to select:

  • which practices the user has access to, and
  • what functionality the user is able to access in each practice.
The top level of the treeview  lists the practices administered by your Panacea. Check the practices that this user will have access to, e.g. in the treeview  on the right the user will have access to Dr Rodney Steer GP and Gary Fredericks Physiotherapy.  When the user logs on the Practice selector  will only list these practices.

If you want the user to have access to all practices then check All practices.

Below the top level of the treeview  Panacea lists a hierarchy of privileges which can be assigned to the user.  In the example on the right the user is able to Add and Edit people  but not Delete them.

If you check a higher level Panacea will assign or remove all privileges below that level.  For example, if you check Companies: All privileges in the example Panacea will assign or remove all Companies privileges, i.e. Add companies, Edit companies and Delete companies.

If you want to configure privileges for all practices then do so under All practices.  Privileges assigned under All practices take precendence over privlileges assigned under each practice.

Expand assigned privileges only
Click this button and Panacea will expand the privileges treeview  in such a way that only checked privileges are expanded.

Expand All
Click this button and Panacea will expand all privileges in the privileges treeview .

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