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Panacea Window Layout

Panacea's main window is shown below.  Click on items on the window for more information.

Messages WindowMake appointments and send remindersSend an SMSQuickly add single transactions such as cash paymentsAdd an invoice to a patient's accountAdd, edit and delete AccountsAdd, edit and delete CompaniesAdd, edit and delete PeopleAdd, edit and delete PeopleAdd, edit and delete CompaniesAdd, edit and delete AccountsAdd an invoice to a patient's accountQuickly add single transactions such as cash paymentsSend an SMSMake appointments and send remindersMessages Window

The name of the practice that is currently open is displayed in the Window title, as well as in the Windows taskbar.  Panacea can maintain multiple practices simultaneously.  The Practice selector enables you to swop between them.

Below the window title is the menu.  All Panacea functionality can be accessed through this menu.

To the left of the Practice selector is the shortcut toolbar, which enables you to go straight to common tasks without using the menu.  For example, clicking on the People shortcut button is the same as clicking on the Tables menu and then clicking on the People menu item.

Panacea displays items that you are working on in tabs.  For example, if you click on the People shortcut button Panacea will display the People tab.  You may then choose to work on something else, but would like to keep the People tab open so that you can come back to it later.

Circled in red is an example where the user has two tabs open.  Currently, the Companies tab (showing Discovery medical aid) is "on top", but you could go back to the People tab (currently showing Mr Willem Maritz) by clicking on that tab.  Using tabs in this way has the advantage that you can always see the items you are working on.

If you want to close a tab you can simply click on the big red X in the top right corner.

At the bottom right of the Panacea Window you can also see the current internet connection status.  This will usually report the status as Idle, but if a Send & Receive is in progress it will show the current action being performed.  The Connection progress indicator also shows how far the Send & Receive has progressed.

Note: if you click on the connection status or connection progress indicator a context menu will appear enabling you to force a Send & Receive.  Normally, however, it is not necessary to force Panacea to perform a Send & Receive since Panacea will do this automatically when needed.

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