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Invoice Templates

Invoice templates are used to store frequently used combinations of codes that would typically be used when capturing invoices. For example, a GP may create an Invoice template containing a consultation and medicines (e.g. antibiotics) called "Flu consultation".  A physiotherapist may create an invoice template called "Chest treatment" which would contain codes for percussion, postural drainage and breathing exercises.

Once an invoice template has been created it can be used when capturing an invoice.  This saves a lot of time because multiple codes can be inserted into the invoice with a single click.  To see where Invoice templates are used during invoicing click here .

Invoice templates are captured in a similar way to invoices.  In fact most of the columns required on an invoice are mirrored on Invoice templates.  Below is an example of an Invoice template that is being created for a typical chest treatment performed by a physiotherapist:

This field is used for your own reference.  It is displayed in the Invoice templates ComboBox  on the Invoice tab .

Code column
This contains the tariff code.  In the example above the code for "Breathing exercises" is being selected using the code selector.  After selecting the desired code press the tab key to take you to the next column.

Modifier column
This allows you to attach a modifier to the line.

Nappi column
This column is relevant where the Code column contains either a medicine or a materials code.  The Nappi column can be used to capture the actual medicine or material (NAPPI) code.

Description column
This column displays the description of the code selected in the Code column or the Nappi column.  The Description column cannot be modified.

Qty column
This is for the quantity.  In some cases this column cannot be changed, for example most physio codes must have a quantity of 1.  However, medicines or materials may have a quantity of more than 1.

After capturing the other codes for the Invoice template it might look like this:

Use the and buttons to change the order of lines in the Invoice template.  Clicking one of these will move the current line up or down in the order.

Click Save when you are finished.

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