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Operating Theatre Invoices

Invoices for services rendered in an operating theatre require special attention and must be captured as detailed below.

Panacea allows you to capture the Start time and End time of an invoice.  It is a good idea (but not mandatory) to capture the start and end time because Panacea will then calculate the total number of minutes spent in theatre.  The number of minutes (spent in theatre) will automatically be placed in the quantity column of relevant codes (e.g. 0023 or 0036).

The order in which codes are captured is very important.  Anaesthetists can include the pre-anaesthetic assessment (codes 0151-0153) on the same invoice if it occurred on the same day, in which case it should be the first code on the invoice.

The other codes on the invoice should be in the following order:

  • Codes for procedures performed in theatre
  • Code 0023 or 0036  - Time in theatre
  • Additional modifiers (e.g. 0037 to 0044)
  • Modifiers 5441 to 5448 - In cases of the musculoskeletal system, open fractures and open reduction of fractures or dislocations

Codes Automated by Panacea

On the following codes Panacea automatically calculates the number of units that should be charged based on the number of minutes in theatre:

0011 Emergency Procedures
0023 or 0036 Time in Theatre
0039 Control of Blood pressure
0090 Radiologist's fee

On the following codes Panacea will calculate a charge based on other codes on the invoice:

0008 Specialist surgeon assistant Panacea will add 33.33% to the value of preceding procedure codes
0009 Assistant Panacea will add 20% to the value of preceding procedure codes (subject to a minimum of 36 procedure units)
0018 BMI > 35 Panacea will add 50% to the value of preceding procedure codes.  Panacea will also supply BMI data on statements and eClaims if provided on the patient's Biometrics tab .
0019 Surgery on Neonates Panacea will add 50% to the value of preceding procedure codes
0032 Prone position Panacea will increase the number of anaesthetic units to 4 (if necessary)
0034 Head and neck procedures Panacea will increase the number of anaesthetic units to 4 (if necessary)

If you use any of the  above  codes you may want to find out how Panacea calculated the relevant value.  Simply move your mouse over the Unit Price, Qty, Units or Total column and Panacea will display an explanation.

The coding calculations described above are automated in Panacea's Code Formulas.  These will be updated from time to time on Panacea's Online Updates .  To determine the version of Panacea's Code Formulas click on Help - About Panacea.

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