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User Guide Basics

Using the Contents tree
Down the left side of the user guide is the Table of Contents, arranged in a "tree".  Topics with a little "+" have sub-topics.  Clicking on the "+" will show the sub-topics.  Click on a topic and you will be taken directly to the topic page.

This user guide is a standard website.  That means that when you see words that are underlined and a different colour (e.g. this is a link ) you can click on them and you will be taken directly to the underlying topic.  Use the  and  buttons in the top right corner to Go back and Go forward, just like a normal web browser.

When you see the  icon anywhere in Panacea this means that "context-sensitive help" is available.  If you click the  icon Panacea will display help that is relevant to your current activity.

Reading like a book
When you first read this user guide you may want to read the pages in sequence, like reading a book.  On the right of each page you will see two buttons:

Go to the previous page in the user guide
Go to the next page in the user guide
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