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Panacea makes extensive use of this custom control:

It is similar to a standard Windows combobox, but has a number of important features.  When you click the  Panacea will provide you with a "drop down" search facility, enabling you to find the item you need.  In many cases, if you don't find the item you are looking for you will be able to add it by clicking the Add button, if available.  The "drop down" window will vary depending on the type of data item being captured.  For example, this is the drop down used for selecting a person:

As you can see the above PowerComboBox provides the ability to type in details of the person you are looking for.  Once you have found the item you are looking for, simply click on that item.  The drop-down will close and the PowerComboBox will contain the item you selected.

Certain PowerComboBoxes also allow you to type what you are looking for directly into the PowerComboBox.  For example, you can type an account number or a name into an Account PowerComboBox.  When you attempt to move off the PowerComboBox Panacea will automatically search for the account number or name that you specified.  If more than one match is found a drop-down window will be displayed to enable you select the correct item.

Context Menu

If you right-click on a PowerComboBox a context menu will be displayed.  In general, this will provide useful options as well as a list of suggested items.  For example, the context menu on the right was displayed after right-clicking on a person's GP.  If you click on Go to Coetzee, Dr Gavin Panacea will open a new tab with Dr Gavin Coetzee's record.

Items below the line are suggestions based on your recent history.  In this example Panacea is suggesting Dr Fred Van der Merwe because that doctor was selected recently.  Using the context menu can, therefore, save you having to search for an item.

You can also use the following keys instead of using the mouse:

F10 or Enter Displays the drop-down window.  Same as clicking the magnifying glass.
Delete Removes the value of the PowerComboBox.
Down arrow Displays the context menu.  Same as right-clicking the PowerComboBox.

Panacea has some standard PowerComboBoxes that are used frequently.  It is a good idea to become familar with these:

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